Blog/Blog 2011Sunday October 9th, 2011


I’m in Capri, off the coast of Naples to refresh a bit my archive. Wheater, as all over in Italy, seems to cool off a bit after such a hot long summer. It it chilly rather than cold, but wind is the worst side effect of such a sudden change. Here in Capri wind is very strong. But the good thing, as seen from a photographer point of view, is that everything is clear now and visibilirty is at its best. You can see mountains in the distance, that even the islanders have rarely seen. Down below some images


Veduta su Capri e i Faraglioni dal Monte Solaro


La Piazzetta


Il centro di Anacapri


I Faraglioni sotto la tempesta (e io pure…)


Marina Grande vista da Villa San Michele


La chiesa della Certosa di San Giacomo


La via Krupp


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