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Etrusca 2019 around Bolgheri, Tuscany

Exactly one year later, here I am again on the roads of Tuscany, following a group of brave bikers for their Etrusca. Bolgheri, a wonderful cozy Tuscan village, famous for being the birthplace of some of the best wines in the world, is the starting point for L’Etrusca, a vintage bike race which takes place in the middle of April. First edition started in 2012 and aims to reenact historical cycling. It is open to everyone as long as a vintage bicycle is used. The bicycle is considered vintage if it is from before the 1987 and has a metal frame, with two exceptions, the Vitus and Alan bikes with aluminum frame, gears on the frame and cage pedals. People from all over the world gather in the beautiful Bolgheri to ride the winding roads, some of which are gravel roads, of Tuscany and share an epic day of sport, friendship and fun. In some way and smaller scale, it recalls the most famous vintage bike ride of all, the Eroica which take places in the Siena province at the beginning of October. In both these vintage bike races, as well as the many others scattered in different moments and places in Tuscany, the bottom line is to have fun, eat the local products at the tasty “ristori” and spend a day on the bike with friends and pedaling trough some of the most amazing landscape of the world, the Tuscan countryside. At the beginning I wrote “brave” cyclers. Today we had a bit of sun as appetizer but soon after that we had heavy rain and even hail along the route. Following is a small sample of what I have seen today


Italy, Tuscany, Bolgheri – ETRUSCA a vintage bicycle promenade with historic outfits and bikes


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