Blog/Blog 2014Sunday August 24th, 2014

Summer in London

I don’t like to spend the month of August in London since the city is flooded with visitors. This year, to change, I enjoyed the city and I found beautiful lights besides situations that are not usual since the weather, during the other months, is not friendly for a photographer. The following pics are a short recap of what I have seen around in this last month



Uk, London: One of the most famous stretches of open ground in Britain, the 16 acres of the Tower of London moat, turned scarlet August 2014, planted with 888,246 ceramic poppies in memory of the British and Commonwealth dead of the first world war.
The poppies are being created by the ceramic artist Paul Cummins, inspired by a line in the will of a Derbyshire man who joined up in the earliest days of the war and died in Flanders.



Uk, London: scene in the Tube



Uk, London: a coffe halt in a WV van outside Tower Bridge







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