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Just left Venice where I spent some days, just in time for the official opening of Carnival 2016. I hadn’t been in Venice since long time and I have to say this was one of the best period ever to visit this unique city. It’s low season and also weather wise it has been ok. Cold but sunny which, for me, as photographer, is the most important thing. Then, later on, the mist came in but, mixed with sunshine, gave me a diffuse light which was very romantic and so much “venetian”. In winter time the sun makes a short walk in the sky and this is why we have shorter daylight compared with spring and summer. But, on the other hand, the quality of the light is usable all day long. No high peaks as it is in summer but rather long shadows and a good warm glow all around. Venice is an open air set. It’s quite difficult to miss a picture here, no matter where or what you frame in. Magic is all around. The only downside of working in this period, the so called “low-season” even though there is no an actual low season with no tourists at all, is having buildings renovation almost every corner. So you need to pay extra care in not framing scaffolding or cranes in your shot. I have been to Burano as well, a very little jewel, so full of colors. The following pictures are just a short sample of my short visit to Venice. By coincidence the last post of 2015, which you can find in the “Archive” section was about Amsterdam, the northern Venice. The very first one of 2016 opens up with Venice, the real Venice. But is all about canals, anyway!



























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