08 May 2023

The third Scudetto is here and it’s time to celebrate

Napoli is the only middle eastern city with no European district

Edoardo Scarfoglio, poet, writer and founder of Il Mattino

As you may be aware of by now,  the Napoli soccer team is “Campione d’Italia”. It is a big achievement for the city and every Neapolitan, no matter where they are actually living. The bond with their city is stronger than ever in spite of the distance or, probably, even stronger for that reason. This is the third “scudetto” for the Napoli team having won the last two back at the time of Maradona, 33 years ago. Being a fan of the Napoli team is closer to a religion rather than a normal support as anywhere else. It is a kind of genetic “disease” that runs through Neapolitan families. Having won the third “scudetto” after so many years is seen almost as a miracle against the power of the northern teams, much richer and, allegedly, more involved in the rooms where decisions are taken. The “Scudetto” is a revenge against all the world seen as an enemy and also a well deserved sign of the past “grandeur” when Naples was the capital city of the Borbone kingdom and one of the wealthiest city of Europe, a due stop in the Grand Tour era. Now the “Scudetto”, after such a huge delay, has arrived and the city is the main stage for the celebrations. Every square, street, alley is decorated with the colors of the team, white and pale blue and the only attire allowed is the jersey team with the names of the heroes who made this dream come true. The following pictures are a quick journey from the days before the “Scudetto” but with the awareness that it would have been just a matter of days to the final outcome where the “Scudetto” finally became real. Most of the pictures are taken around the “Quartieri Spagnoli” and the near central via Toledo and Piazza del Plebiscito