Botania Relais and Spa, Ischia, Campania, Italy

8th century BC: Ischia is the first stable colony of Magna Grecia in the Italian peninsula. The Euboeans in 770-760 a.c. are the first Greeks to land in the bay of San Montano, where they establish the settlement of Pithecusa. But let’s fast forward to present days. Ischia has been named best island in the world by readers of the American magazine Travel + Leisure in the 2022 edition of The World’s Best Awards, the annual international survey for top tourism destinations.

Readers are asked to rate islands according to their activities and sights, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness and overall value, with Ischia claiming the top spot with a score of 94.61 The survey cites Ischia’s one-hour proximity to Naples and says there has been renewed international focus on the Italian island after it featured prominently in Elena Ferrante’s novel My Brilliant Friend which was adapted into a HBO series. Ischia is best known as the Green Island thanks of its vegetation. But there is a green heart in the core of the green island. It’s the Botania Relais and Spa, located atop of the small village of Lacco Ameno on the way to Forio. The Botania is a rich garden where 9 villas are strategically and discreetly located amongst quiet nature, representing refuges for privacy and intimacy. Here, the holiday flows by to the rhythm of your dreams. A lush oasis where you can walk around to discover and smell the scent of aromatic herbs, ancient olive and fruit trees. In this wonderful place you can enjoy absolute tranquility and come into close contact with nature. The service here is top notch as a 5 stars hotel is supposed to have. Il Mirto, the only vegetarian restaurant in the island, is perfect for savouring the dishes prepared with fresh vegetables, grown in respect of the seasonality and only using natural fertilisers. Healthy food, as is rooted in our peasant tradition. From the land to the table for the well-being of the body and mind. The following picture are just a small sample of the stunning beauty you will find here