Whenever I’m working for a private client, be it a hotel, a restaurant, or a luxury boutique, I often find myself working with models, sometimes even with male models. I’m not strictly a fashion photographer because I do other things, but I really enjoy working with models because I think that the human presence adds interest to the photo, makes it come alive.

Moreover, being in a magnificent place, like a white sandy beach bordered by azure sea on one side and palm trees on the other, but completely empty, is not the same as having a couple or even just a person in the frame who not only provides a sense of scale to the scene but also acts as a catalyst. That is, when I look at the photo, I empathize with that person or couple and dream of being there, in that paradise, in their place. After all, the sector I work in, namely creating images for promotion and marketing, is based on the ability to make people dream and create desires and needs where they wouldn’t normally exist.

So the following pictures are a small sample of my work with models throughout the years. I hope you like the pictures as well as the models.