Rome during the lockdown 2020

Rome’s majestic monuments and picturesque streets were almost empty during a government-ordered lockdown to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. Only a few cars appear to pass by, driven by those exempt from the tight rules on movement. Rome put on a new face. Churches are shuttered. No Masses are being held. A weird event in a city with so many places of worship. Even the doors to St. Peter’s Basilica are closed as well as the access to the square. I am wandering around the Italian capital with my cameras on me to record as much as I can about a unique city during a unique situation. I need to say thank you to the law enforcement, particularly Vigili di Roma Capitale and Carabinieri the two units I interacted the most while strolling around because they were very professional but at the same time very kind and understanding. In the following pictures you see Rome in its full beauty with no distractions at all as never in the life you have been able to see it. And never, in the future, possibly, you’ll ever be able to see again.