07 May 2024


I have always been fascinated by seagulls, with their wings as broad as the breath of the wind and their lively eyes scanning the horizon. They are the creatures of the ocean that have enchanted the souls of sailors and poets since time immemorial. 

They are the untamed inhabitants of the marine skies, dancers between the waves and the winds, symbols of freedom and adventure. Observing a seagull in flight is to witness a spectacle of pure grace and power. Even photographically, they have a strong visual impact. Their wings, as white as the foam rising from the breaking wave, soar through the air with unparalleled skill. In every movement, the expertise of those who have learned to navigate the air currents with dexterity and wisdom shines through. Their elegance in flight, their ferocity in hunting, and their vitality in living are an inspiration for those who seek beauty and adventure in the wildest places on Earth.

A few days ago, I had the time and opportunity to wait for these elegant seabirds by the poolside of a hotel structure on Vulcano, the Therasia Resort, in the Aeolian Islands. An infinity pool that seems to extend into the sea behind it, with the sunset backdrop of the sun plunging into the water between the two islands of Alicudi and Filicudi. 

At that time of the evening, when the pool empties of people, it becomes the personal playground of the Aeolian seagulls who use it not only to drink, but also to bathe in fresh water, socialize, and play. The following photos are just some of the hundreds of images taken during a couple of days of photographic stakeouts. For those interested in the equipment used, I shot with a Sony A1 and a Sigma 150-600.

One last thing. Being a photographer from the old school of ‘film’, where a photo was either good in the camera, well framed, well lit, or it went straight to the bin, I want to emphasize that none of these images have been cropped, enlarged, cut, readjusted, etc.