30 Jun 2022

Summer postcards from Sorrento, South Italy

With the “Torna a Surriento” popular refrain in my head, absolutely one of the most famous ‘Canzone Napoletana’ written in 1902 by the Italian composer Ernesto De Curtis with words by his brother Giambattista, I made up my mind to have an half day discovery tour of Sorrento. I try to avoid getting stuck in the chaotic summer traffic of the Sorrento Coast during the high season since the narrow streets are a trap if you dare to drive trough. But, as travel photographer, I cannot skip the chance to record the Sorrento lively scene of these days with all the stores opened for tourists who, after a couple of years of absence due to Covid, are enthusiastically coming back to Italy and South Italy in particular.

The following pictures are just a small sample of my day strolling around to pick some interesting scenes. Hope to rise your curiosity to visit these places in the near future