26 Sep 2020

Tuscany, an italian summer

I spent the months of June and, partly, July to wandering around the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Mostly the central area, Siena and around, to take pictures of the landscapes celebrated in so many movies, novels and, of course, photos. I tracked back the gravel roads where the Eroica takes place, the famous vintage cycling event born in the village of Gaiole in Chianti. Eroica that every Fall, early October, gather thousands and thousands of people dressed in vintage colorful outfits with their “ancient” bikes. This year, though, due to Covid19, also the Eroica will miss the beat as many other events around the world that see a lot of people involved in the same spot all together. So, keeping Siena, the historical medieval city where the “Palio” is “the faith”, as starting point I went to Murlo, an isolated little village nestled on top of a hill then at the Castle of Brolio, where the first “Eroici” tackle the steep slope leading to the Castle when the sunrise is yet to come and the San Quirico d’Orcia surroundings. San Quirico is famous for its “Crete” but above all for that group of cypress trees, the symbol of Val d’Orcia, standing alone in the middle of endless rolling hills. That “boschetto” has been featured on many postcards, books, documentaries as well as backdrop for many newly married couples. Browsing the images below, you’ll also find the Monteoliveto Maggiore Abbey as well as the white beaches of Vada, near Livorno as Castiglione della Pescaia with the nearby natural reserve of Diaccia Botrone. A big help, as usual, came from my drone whose point of views allowed to me to photograph from different perspective otherwise impossible.